About us

We seek outperformance in undercapitalised market segments

Certior Capital is a pioneer in European private markets. We have been investing in European private equity and private credit since 1995 and have executed over 200 individual transactions. We are highly committed to responsible business practices and good corporate governance.

Since we began investing almost three decades ago European private markets have increased enormously in size and sophistication. We strongly believe in the asset class but think that average returns are no longer good enough.

“We seek to outperform through targeting asymmetric return opportunities across the capital structure.”

While our investment experience covers most sectors across all European geographies, we concentrate our resources on those areas offering particular value.

We have adopted a three-pronged approach to driving outperformance that sets us apart from other investment managers. We focus on:

  • Undercapitalised market sectors – this includes areas such as SME direct lending, venture lending or deal-by-deal teams, concept funds, SPVs and single asset funds in smaller buyout or growth capital transactions
  • Seeding emerging managers – we like working with experienced and motivated investment professionals who have identified an underserved market opportunity, set up a new fund and want to create value for themselves and their investors
  • Being a preferred co-investment partner – we have a long track record of outperformance through our focus on investing in businesses providing mission critical services with capex light business models, recurring revenues and diversified client bases

The senior investment staff at Certior Capital each average more than 20 years of investment experience.  As a result of our deep networks we maintain a strong pipeline of investment opportunities and typically transact on 3–5 primaries or secondaries and 10–12 co-investments annually.

Alongside our own dedicated funds, Certior Capital also provides broader tailored mandates and advisory services which may include allocations to all parts of the European private equity and private credit universe including mid and large cap buyouts and direct lending, special situations and venture capital. In total, our funds and mandates under management and our advisory mandates amount to around EUR 1bn.

100+ years of investment experience
8 experienced professionals