Pioneers in European private markets

The three partners, Ari Jauho, Pasi Pihlajamaa and Timo Hara, have worked together since 2004 (at Pohjola Private Equity Funds and Proventure) and have over 40 years of investment experience. Investment Director Olli Heinilä has been investing for 20 years and previously worked at eQ Asset Management, Amanda Capital Plc, Mandatum Private Equity Funds and Sampo Group. The team have been pioneers in European private equity and private credit investing and have built strong relationships with leading managers, with a particular focus on emerging teams and spin-outs. The team is complemented by Guy Waller, formerly a Managing Director at Partners Group in London, who focuses on business development, and Anssi Koikkalainen as an Investment Analyst.

Todate the team has executed more than 170 private equity primary investments. It made its first private equity primary commitment more than 20 years ago in 1995. The first coinvestment was completed in 2000 and first secondary investment was made in 2007. In 2019 the team made 2 investments in private equity funds in Europe, focusing on small-, mid-cap and turnaround managers as well as 1 coinvestment.

The team made its first primary investment in a private credit fund in 1998 and has since made more than 50 primary, secondary and coinvestments across the sector. In 2019 Certior Capital transacted on 4 credit primaries, 1 secondary and 13 coinvestments.

Ari Jauho
Partner & Chairman
+358 50 33 78 282
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Pasi Pihlajamaa
+358 50 53 83 450
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Timo Hara
+358 50 52 77 639
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Olli Heinilä
Investment Director
+358 50 53 45 080
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Guy Waller
Business development
+358 46 55 32 374