About us

Certior Capital

Certior Capital is a pioneer in private equity and private credit. We have been investing in European private markets since 1995 with 200+ primary, secondary and coinvestments executed by the team since then.

We are independent and aligned with our investors and investment partners. Certior Capital was established in July 2011 and is 100% owned by its partners who have worked together since 2004.

We focus on undercapitalised market segments and seek to maximise returns through backing high conviction emerging managers and the active use of coinvestments. In 2019 we executed 6 primaries, 1 secondary and 14 coinvestments across private equity and private credit.

As well as our flagship private equity and private credit funds, Certior Capital also provides tailored mandates and coinvestment opportunities to major European institutions and actively assists investors with proprietary research, events and training.

80+ years of investment experience
6 experienced professionals